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ByeByeFlyaways™ Slick Hair Wand Triple Pack

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Introducing you this ultimate ByeByeFlyaways™ hair slick wand. Don't look anywhere else, we are the best of the best bringing you healthy ingredients (Coaster oil) within. Beautiful hair has never been easier. Reach the ultimate slick hair style with our ByeByeFlyaways™ hair wand.


1. The hair finishing stick is naturally refreshing, Non-Greasy and Non-Sticky. It has a moisturising effect and makes the hair shiny and smooth

2. Similar to mascara design, quick combing hair mess, preventing hair from drying or knotting

3.Leightweight and portable, its easy to carry around, so you can travel and keep your hair clean and tidy

4. Quickly cut and break, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of hairstyles, straight hair, curly hair, suitable for all kinds of occasions, including weddings, dating, shopping, parties, etc. 



1.Comb the hair, apply evenly on frizzy hair with our ByeByeFlyaways hair finishing stick. The frizzy hair can be applied a few times to reach a natural style. After using the hair finishing stick, its better to use a hand to press the hair.


Customer Reviews

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Erini Konstan
Best product ever

Really happy with this product. I love how the brush is a bit bulky and not thin. I was using the brand quick stick (they have a thin brush) and wow you can notice a difference between the two. I’m so glad I gave this brand a try and I will not be going back to the other brand I was using! And also the packaging on this is so nice!

Leela Mudigonda
Excellent product, Loved it

This hair product is the right thickness and hold power for my "somewhat short" hair. It doesnt flake out like some other gels that I have used in the past. The hold lasts all day long!High hold. Will give fine curls a cast and will add shine. Curls are better preserved for more days with using this.Great product. Good price. Quick delivery